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Take20 Jira Power series how to build and manage workflows in Jira

How to build and manage workflows in Jira

In this session will go over the basics of understanding workflows in Jira and how anyone can become a Jira workflow wizard by learning the fundamentals.

take20 jira power series 10 tips and tricks for significantly boosting productivity in jira

10 Tips and Tricks for Significantly Boosting Productivity in Jira

We’ve compiled a list of Jira tips and tricks that will help improve your team’s experience when using Jira and significantly boost productivity.

take20 jira power series best practices for designing stellar dashboards in jira

Best Practices for Designing Stellar Dashboards in Jira

In this session we’ll go over some of the best practices of creating amazing dashboards that make the best use of gadgets in Jira and ensure your teams have the real-time data they need.

Take20 Jira power series getting started with jira service desk

Getting Started with Jira Service Desk

Join us for this quick introduction to Jira Service desk and how this simple yet powerful solution can transform team collaboration and customer experience.

take20 jira power series how to integrate jira with sharepoint in a few easy steps

How to Integrate Jira with SharePoint in a Few Easy Steps

In this session we’ll cover how to connect your Jira software with your existing SharePoint for more robust collaboration capabilities.

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